Webzli's Guide to $5K/ Month Freelancing




Spend 10 minutes to save 6 months of regret. Start from the beginning of this tutorial to get an idea on how you will achieve $5K/ Month. We'll give a brief overview to start, AND at the end we'll provide STEP by STEP instructions to making $5K/ Month.

Section #1: Getting Started 

What to Offer/ Sell

When freelancing it is important to offer a great service and that means satisfying a client or customer. Now, you're probably asking yourself "I don't have anything to offer so what will I offer as a service?" That's fine, we will give you dummy proof tools, skills, and knowledge to offer a great service, regardless of your skill level!

What's the service I'll be offering?

Website Design & Hosting. 

How can I offer this?
With Webzli's ONE CLICK website design. That's right, website can be created in minutes with Webzli, and by knowing this, you're already ahead of everyone else.

Webzli was built with freelancers in mind. So, we hired a designer and paid him more than $30K to to build, design, and test more than 100 pre built websites. This means every landing page on Webzli looks beautiful and can be produced for a client in a matter of minutes.

Building Websites:
When building a website we recommend selecting a template and ONLY making changes to the text/ wording. This let's you, the freelancer, be ULTRA efficient. Over time you will even be able to produce hundreds of websites in a day! 

But there's no need to make you read more than you have to, Webzli has amazing tutorials on the bottom right of every page. If you ever need help, we'll leave tutorial for you on the bottom of this page.

Now that you know what you will be offering, let's keep moving!

Section #2: Marketing

Getting Customers

Let's learn how to market your service and lock in your first customer!

Freelance Networks:

Marketing is easy nowadays. Everyone needs a website but some can't afford a $20K website from a professional designer. So, most entrepreneurs and startups turn to freelance sites like UpWork, FreeLancer.com, Fiverr, and others. 

Making the Sale:

You might be wondering why they would want to choose you. Well, it's because you're an incredible designer with the portfolio to prove it! 

What am I talking about? We designed a template just for you. It has a portfolio, contact form, and did I mention that it looks amazing! When freelancing it's important to make the client feel confident in your skill set and this template will do just that, it practically sells itself!

Section #3: Execution

Step by Step Guide

Let's get started! Follow the steps below to take the first step toward $5K/ month.

Task #1: Build a Portfolio Website to Show Clients

1. Website Template: Select our freelancer template & sign up

  • Open THIS tab > Select the "Designer 1" template > Sign Up

2. Name Change: Change the "Your Name" to your first and last name. 

  • Click HERE for the step by step guide OR see the photos below for help.

Location: Slide #1           

Location: Slide #2 

3. OPTIONAL: Connect a custom domain. (Click HERE for the guide)

4. All done! You now have a beautiful portfolio website to show your future clients.

Task #2: Marketing Your Service

  • Now we will begin marketing. This entails signing up for a plethora of services. Many of which require photo and descriptions of a service or experience. We'll layout everything you need below. 
  • Fiverr: 
  • UpWork:
  • Freelancer.com:

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