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Thinking about using Wix as a website builder? Don't until you try Webzli!

Wix Widget Selection

Both Webzli and Wix offer a series of widget that plug into their sites. Wix has a series of 3rd party developers who have worked to create an amazing selection. Webzli also offer a great selection of widgets. All of Webzli's widgets were developed for the website and none are 3rd party. So, there is no reason to worry about compatibility issues that you may run into with 3rd part integrations featured by wix. 

Theme Selection on Wix

There are hundreds of themes on both platforms. While wix themes are a great starting point, Webzli themes are plug and play. Simply select a theme, change the logo, form, and connect a domain and just like that your website is complete.

Unlike Wix, Webzli take orders from prospective customers. If there is a business model in need of a theme, the Webzli design team will build and design a page for that specific industry and add it to the theme selection. 

Wix Features

Learn what features are offered on Wix and Webzli.

E-Commerce Support

Start selling and build your audience with Webzli's e-commerce and online store support. 

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Advanced Visitor Analytics

Track your websites performance with accurate and real time analytics. 

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Blogging Features

Start your blog with Webzli's integrated CMS manager.

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Lead Generation

Use pre built landing pages to generate great leads, capture emails, track conversions, and more.

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Lower Converting Themes on Wix

The amazing designs offered at Webzli makes building a website easy and makes businesses and portfolios professional. 

Every theme on Wix is beautiful and well design, the honest truth is that Wix has an incredible design team. But where wix makes up for design they lack in conversion. Every theme and website on Webzli is tested and optimized to have a high conversion rate. This leads to more organic leads and makes every dollar spent on ads go an extra mile.

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